Looking Forward...

Looking Forward...
No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

NSU Day 2 - May 8, 2009

My student's life at NSU started today with the orientation program given by Alejandra and Ronald. Visiting cafe for the first time, tasting the Vegetables Pizza with the price of USD 6.50 per small plate. Visiting the Student Services Centre with all the sport's facilities..and the swimming pool. Looking forward to be in one of the fitness classes, for a change!..

Arriving at Fort Lauderdale Airport

After 31 hours of journey from KLIA, we landed safely at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, with warm welcome from Alejandra Parra, Associate Dean of NSU International Office whom accompanied by Ronald Allan Mambunga, Graduate Assistance and a few students from NSU. We're sent to The Commons, the place that we're going to stay for the whole semester.

Newark Liberty International Airport

Landed safely at the Newark Liberty International Airport after 9 hours journey from Stockholm, Arlanda. Giving about five and a half hours waiting time for the next flight to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Having to go through various experiences, with thorough check-up at the airport's entrance, sacrificing and loosing my delicious traditional dishes as Rendang Ayam and Rendang Daging.

Waiting patiently for more than an hour for Adnan to be released from the immigration room, a friend who had to go through his shocking moments, to find out that his Visa's number being used by someone else. All the MY3 Cohort waiting and praying for him, hoping that everything could be settled smoothly. That was the precious moment, to value the true friends, the sense of belonging to each other, the feelings of togetherness, and the spirits of sharing the hearts and souls.

So many things happened during our time at this airport. MY1 already disappeared and checked-in earlier, leaving us the MY3 behind. We're searching for them, waiting to be check-in together, and lastly we decided moving in without them. Unexpectedly we saw them sitting comfortably at the boarding area. That was a lesson we would never forget!.

Moments In Stockholm

Landed at Stockholm, Arlanda after an eleven hours of journey, was really meaningful. Being able to be out from the plane and viewed the scenery at the airport, made me realised the greatness of God's creations. Previous night at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia, and then the next day here. Meeting new peoples, hearing new languages, seeing new places, doing window shopping, and etc., making this journey more meaningful. Another day passes by!.

The Journey That I Will Never Forget

Having an opportunity to be given a chance to do my postgraduate study is such a precious moment in my life. Especially when that opportunity comes at the later age. I was really indebted to the university's management for granting me this chance and giving me full support. I was blessed by the continuous support given by all, including family members, collagues and friends. I know this is not an easy journey, it is a combination of various crucial factors, physical, mental, financial and spiritual, hearts and souls.

Making a decision about undertaking a postgraduate study involves motivational factors, an internal condition that provides the energy or drives for what I want to have or do. It should be manifested in behavior with a purpose and direction. Dealing with factors that energize my behavior, and factors that provide its persistence. The former are bountiful, but the latter harder to have.

Knowing that a myriad of problems can arise due to the seemingly endless stretch of time needed to complete the study and learning involved - family readjustment, employer pressure, feeling of hopelessness and etc. They differ in degree of intensity and authenticity., and everything is miracles for me!. Thanks God for giving me this journey of nurturing my mind for learning and accomplishment, the journey that I will never forget!.