Looking Forward...

Looking Forward...
No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

NSU Day 9 - May 15, 2009

The guys has gone for their Friday Prayer..so the ladies took the opportunity to travel by the town bus..just tried our luck..at last we reached at Pambroke Lake's Mall..sales!..sales! everywhere. Unbelievable...Sketchers shoes for USD 30? ooohh..too many things to buy...but better keep some for tomorrow..the Sawgrass Mall?..more money......??? On the way back, we met the MY1 in the No.2 town bus..we're told that the guys were having their Nasi Briyani and KFC (halal) at the mosque!. Whatever...we learned a lots of new things today.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Miracles: NSU Day 8 - May 14, 2009

Miracles: NSU Day 8 - May 14, 2009

Thursday 6 pm-8 pm. - we're having our 1st. class of Method of Inquiry (EDD 9300) with Dr. Fawzy Ebrahim, an Egyptian and we called him 'magician'. He made us felt that nothing was impossible. .and everything seems so achievable through hard-work and perserverence. He said there's 3 important things to be given by the students in his class - firstly Ask to Understand, secondly Understand to Learn and lastly Learn to Apply. We met Clark who also joined this class and have to travel 300 miles from Orlando, just to attend the class because he heard that Dr. Fawzy is the best! We met Gloria and Tracy who also came for the same reason. We felt blessed because after attending his class we're confident that our concept paper would be ready before the Summer Conference. Everybody was so cheerful even Clark who's concept paper was rejected twice by his Committee Chair..guest who? our dearly Dr. Clisbee. Then we felt so sad when Dr. Fawzy said that he was diagnosed having brain tumor and will undergo his operation on Jun 8. Oh God..please..we really pray for his health.

Then another miracle came..Dr. Fawzy gave us 4 large tray of Beef Macaroni, apples, bananas, juices, and even the can opener...and he said the food was prepared by his 'boss' (wife) specially for us - the Malaysian group (MY1 & MY3). We're very lucky to be here, meeting lovely people and everyone making us feel at home. Thanks God..we met Dr. Fawzy - the guy who loves cats very much (but never had an opportunity to have one because of his 'boss') and who was so kind to us!.

NSU Day 8 - May 14, 2009

10.00 am - We attended the 1st weekly meeting with Alejandra and Ronald as our housekeeping session. We discussed about problems and other requirements needed while we're here. We're really in a good care and felt at home. Arrangement being done for Friday Prayer. We're also agreed that this Saturday we'll be going with Ronald to Miami South Beach and leaving at 7.am to enable us to go shopping at Sawgrass Mall in the afternoon. We're informed that Sawgrass Mall is the 2nd largest Mall in Florida and one of the center of attraction.

10.30 am - We went to the Student's International Office to register ourselves and our data would be updated to the US Immigration Department, to confirmed that we're already at NSU. We met Deborah Pabon, the lady who signed our I-20 Form which needed to be attached to our Visa's application form. One thing for sure - The best about NSU is "the people", who always very warm, friendly and approachable. We felt welcome everywhere!. As mentioned by the Mr. President on the Welcome Reception..."Welcome to our home!."

NSU Day 7 - May 13, 2009

5.30-8.00 pm. - attended our first class for Instructional Media at the DeSantis Building. We met Gloria, our classmate from Fishler School NSU. We have to change room due to some technical problem. Dr. Jamie Mamburg handled the class professionally and very details in his explaination and expectation. Hopefully we'll gather a lots of information and knowledge and understanding of the effective use of instructional media. We're told there will be a number of lectures given by prominent figures from the university or private sectors. There will be various elluminate session and sharing of our own expertise, experiences and perspectives. Well Dr. Jamie..we're looking forward to do the best!.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NSU Day 6 - May 12, 2009

We went to The Publix again this afternoon to buy groceries...hmm..we bought fish cat's fillet for our Gulai Asam Pedas Adabi! Hasimah brought the paste from Malaysia. There were also Cili Jeruk and Kicap (here called Soya Sauce). Hopefully we would be able to have better dishes after this. Never forget Banana..a lots of potasium for energy. Mushroom soup..sweet corn..much better now!.

NSU Day 6 - May 12, 2009

2.00 pm - 5 p.m - Attended our first class for Academic Writing Course at the Room 3050, DeSantis Building. Where? Where?...an experienced searching for the location of the room!. Prof. Dr. Jean Pritchard was so soft spoken and really nice to be in her class. Very lively discussions and she's such an experienced lecturer. I believed with her methods of teaching, our academic skill writing would be improved. Needed to submit Exercise 1 tonite. Prof. Jean..we really enjoyed your class!.

NSU Day 5 - May 11, 2009

4.30 pm. - we're having our Welcome Reception at Room 200 Rosenthal Building and have an opportunity to meet our Profesors for this semester - Dr. Jamie Mamburg, Dr. Fauzi Ebrahim and Dr. Jean Pritchard. All of them areTony, Ale, Ronald, Terry and a few of international students were there. The best part was the appearence of Dr. Clisbee..wow! really nice to meet her. Surprisingly, Mr. President of NSU also came to say a few words and we're told that there'll be a special session with him in two weeks time. It was a previledged to have him around, as we know that not easy to have the CEOs to attend such function. NSU - "friendly peoples" are the best part of it!...and we all really proud to be the NOVARIAN!

NSU Day 5 - May 11, 2009

9.30 am - We were having our library's orientation at the Alvin Sherman Library Research and Information Technology Center, NSU. A very huge and sofisticated library and a warm welcome from Ms. Lydia Acosta, the Vice President for Information Services. Then Ms. Elena Soltau guided us through the usage of facilities and technology that were availables in the library. Mr. Dinos Andreon showed us the processes at the Circulation Unit especially the counter services, check-out procedures for borrowing books, DVD, CD & Cassette, check out study rooms and dissertations.

The most amazing part was to be able to look at a special area for the children and young adult. I believed that Prof. Dato' Dr. Aminah, our Vice Chancelor surely loves to see this!. NSU given special attention to the early childhood program. Then Ms. Ustadza Ely took us tour at various floors. Ms. LeThesha Harris talked on public library services and the usage of Computer Lab, Ms. Alys Jordan on document delivery and NovaCat, and Ms. Sarah Cisse on Third Floor Tour. Thank you so much..the librarians were so friendly and approachable!.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Trip to Fort Lauderdale's Beach

Having an opportunity to be at Fort Lauderdale's Beach was really amazing. Eventhough not feeling well..having flu due to weather..very hot..worse than Malaysia. There's a lot of nice scenery through out half an hour journey. Soo many peoples at the beach..I was told may be because of Mother's Day..families celebrating it..nice to see them having fun..thinking about my kids..what are they doing now? missing them so much...Che Kiah's geng surely love to be here..nice beach!

NSU Day 2 - Afternoon

The best part was the opportunity to go shopping at K-Mart and Public..sales! sales!..wow..what to buy? checking Malaysian rate? ha..ha..certain items truly cheap compared to Malaysia. Corell? huh...USD 64? how to bring back?. Noodles at USD 2? luckily I brought many from home. Juice?..all fresh..Fruits? yea..the best part..all fresh..apples, strawberries, blueberries, all sorts..Bedding..comforter..all on sales. Then to SEARS at Broadway Mall...unbelievable...Reebox, Converse, all branded items on sales...USD 20-40? Levis...USD 30? Money...money...better watch-up!